Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio Launched

SUBANG — In its efforts to spread its wings in the radio broadcast arena, Suria FM has launched a new platform with the introduction of “Suria FM

SkyPark Tube Radio” where its broadcasts can be heard throughout the SkyPark Terminal LTSAAS in Subang.

Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio is a collaborative effort between Suria FM and SkyPark Media Sdn Bhd.

In a statement issued today, SkyPark Media Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer Mohd Fariz Hashim said, “Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio will cater to both passengers and visitors of SkyPark Terminal. Our airport caters to an average of 60 flights per day comprising of local and regional arrivals and departures. The airport is home to Berjaya Air and Firefly flights.”

“SkyPark Terminal is geared to cater to 2.5 million passengers by the end of 2010.”

Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio is conceived by Suria FM Programme and Operations Manager Subarma Mohtaruddin who is tasked with the management and scheduling of songs, advertising and programme content.

As a start, the broadcasts would begin daily from 6.00 am – 12 midnight operating from a computerised system. The programmes based on the infotainment concept would be broadcast in English and Malay with Suria FM presenters Myra and Akhtar hosting. Musical selections would be a pleasant combination of English and Malay songs.

“In addition to the infotainment, Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio will be opened for advertising take-up by corporates who would wish to promote their brands, products and services,” said Subarma Mohtaruddin.

The programmes by Suria FM have been designed to cater to the infotainment of both domestic and international tourists.

According to Suria FM Senior Public Relations and Media Executive Roslinda Abdul Majid (DJ LIN), the launch of Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio represents another successful milestone chalked by Suria FM, underscoring the serious, agressive and positive impact of its marketing strategy in the broadcast industry.

“Suria FM SkyPark Tube Radio is definitely pushing the publicity efforts as well as consolidating the brand of Suria FM in the non-live broadcast area,” she said.

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